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At the heart of our diocese are the People of God. These are the women, men and children who have accepted Jesus' invitation to "live life to the full". They are the disciples charged with the mission of bringing the Good News of Jesus Christ to everyone. Jesus offers all people a way to belong, a way to be healed, a life of meaning and a life of service.

We welcome newcomers to "come and see" what our faith community has to offer. Seekers are welcome to explore our connect section or contact us to know more.


The People of God gather together as Church in local areas. To find out more about our parishes, visit our Parish page.


Any group of people requires a leader. The one who cares for the People of God in Wollongong Diocese is Bishop Peter Ingham.


The Bishop calls on priests and deacons to care for such a large number of people. Our parishes are served by our clergy. You will find a full listing of our clergy here.


Within our diocese we recognise that there are people who require special services.
One way we care for special groups of people is by supporting them through a chaplain.
A full list of our chaplaincies can be found here.


There are a number of Catholic primary and secondary schools in our diocese which seek to form our students in the Catholic faith, deepen their relationship with Jesus Christ, and offer excellence in education. For a full listing of our schools visit our Catholic Education Office website. There are also Catholic Schools run by Religious Congregations and Communities; for a listing of all Catholic Schools in our Diocese, visit this section.


Our Bishop, in caring for the People of God, has formed representative bodies of experienced women and men, to advise him on special mission areas. These bodies can be found under "councils" on our services page.


The Bishop has established some key agencies and services to assist him in support of the People of God and their care of the wider community. These services include:
  • Catholic Education Office
  • CatholicCare (formerly Centacare)
  • Catholic Development Fund, Wollongong.
  • Tribunal of the Catholic Church

The Bishop's office includes a number of people in specialised roles who support the Bishop in his care of the diocese. They are listed here.


Within our diocese are many communities of people who have committed themselves to serving God and our Church in special ways.
A full listing of these communities can be found here.


Other people in our diocese identify with some of the institutes of consecrated life and seek to adopt their special way of life, or charism. They continue to work in their normal jobs and remain married or single, yet find the fullest expression of their life through a particular order. Information about these orders can be found on our services page.
  • Lay Carmelites of the Third Order of the Most Blessed Virgin Mary of Mt Carmel
  • Secular Order of Discalced Carmelites
  • Josephite Associates
  • Secular Franciscan Order
  • Good Samaritan Associates

While not specifically established by the Bishop, there are a wide range of vibrant Catholic groups and organisations operating in and around our diocese. For a listing visit our Services page.

Consecrated Life

The following Institutes of Consecrated Life and Apostolic Societies are present within the Diocese of Wollongong.

See also: Catholic Religious Australia (Australian Conference of Leaders of Religious Institutes) Directory of Congregations Women Religious Benedictine Nuns - OSB Carmelite...

Living the Christian life to the full

So often when we hear the word 'vocation', we tend to think of vocations to priesthood or religious life, but every single Christian is called by virtue of our Baptism; every one of us has a 'vocation' or special mission from the Lord according to our particular state of life.

As we pray for vocations, we want to encourage people to reflect on the dignity of Christian marriage and the beauty of living together in a Christian family. Single life has its special place...

Promoting Vocations

  For all Catholics:  Pray for an increase in vocations to the priesthood and consecrated life. Jesus says in Matthew 9:38 “to beg the master of the harvest to send laborers...

Vocations to the Priesthood

A priest is called to be a man of God, leading people to know and love Jesus Christ and transforming the world by bringing heaven to life on earth.

A Life of Service It is said that a diocesan priest is someone who lives with the people and each becomes a part of the other’s life. Diocesan priests work and serve within parish...
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