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Meaning & Spirituality

Basic Prayers

For me, prayer is a surge of the heart; it is a simple look turned toward heaven, it is a cry of recognition and of love, embracing both trial and joy. 
St Therese of Lisieux.
Sometimes we may find it hard to pray - to lift our hearts and minds in worship of the God who created the universe and redeemed the world through the death and resurrection of Jesus. If you are...

Bible basics

Ignorance of scripture is ignorance of Christ - St Jerome
What do Catholics think about the Bible? We sometimes hear of "Bible Christians" who have the Bible as the sole source of their faith. For Catholics, while the Bible is not the sole source of...

Encounters in faith

People search for meaning and spirituality in so many places. St Augustine was one such seeker. He finally declared: "My heart was restless until it rested in you", in God. One way Catholics understand the life in Christ that gives us meaning and hope, is that we are responding to a call, or vocation, from the Divine.
Today vocation (from the Latin word 'vocare' - to call) is understood to be the call to holiness for all Christians by virtue of our baptismal call to live in the spirit of Jesus Christ. There...

Jesus Offers

It is rare to meet someone who offers you a way of life so rich that you are prepared to give away everything to take up the offer! Yet time and time again in stories of Jesus, we see people turning away from their old ways and following Jesus.
The singer Keith Green's lyrics aptly convey a feeling that many people experience: All my life I have been searching For that crazy missing part...I was lost in a fantasyThat blinded me......

Time to Pray

Witnessing a beautiful sunset, contemplating the wonder of new life as a baby enters the world, or pondering the vastness of space and the untapped depths of our own heart can all lead us to prayer.
Somehow, we seek to connect with the Other, to have the hunger within filled by that which is beyond our senses. Spend time with some traditional Catholic prayers or find out more about the...

Vocations to the Priesthood

A priest is called to be a man of God, leading people to know and love Jesus Christ and transforming the world by bringing heaven to life on earth.

A Life of Service It is said that a diocesan priest is someone who lives with the people and each becomes a part of the other’s life. Diocesan priests work and serve within parish...

What we believe

Confusion about holiness is what stops us from taking up the call to become a more involved in our faith. We may say that we are not holy enough.
  Reflecting on Meaning and Spirituality She enjoyed the music at Mass but complained about the altar servers and how the church steps were so difficult to climb. When would the outside...
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