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Journey Magazine

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Journey 50 - Winter 2012

With a brand-new design thanks to Daniel Hopper, Communications Coordinator & Graphic Designer.

Journey 48 - Summer 2011

Download the Magazine: Journey 48 (3.48Mb)

Journey 47 - Spring 2011

Download the Magazine: Journey 47 (4.75 MB)
Most issues of Journey feature a photo of a recent diocesan happening on the cover. However, with our sisters and brothers in East Africa afflicted by famine, our cover reflects our desire to keep...

Journey 46 - Winter 2011

Download the Magazine: icon Journey 46 (6.84 MB)
The movie ”Love Actually” has a beautiful scene of loved ones greeting each other at an airport. We cannot hear the dialogue, but it is clear that these are people who have missed one another;...

Journey 45 - Autumn 2011

Download the Magazine: Journey 45 (5.07 MB)
The young married couple pictured on the cover are photographed as their baby receives the sacrament of Baptism at Camden Parish.This young family encapsulates so much of what the Diocesan Pastoral...

Journey 44 - Summer 2010

Download the Magazine: icon Journey 44 (5.39 MB)
Our Mary MacKillop Celebration (cover) enlivens this issue. "I felt empowered by today." "It is a day I will always remember." "It was a taste of heaven." These comments offer a sample of the joy...