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Lent Program 2009 - Lord, Teach us to Pray

lentOur 2009 Lenten Program focuses on our life of prayer. The weekly themes are:

  • What is prayer?
  • How do we pray?
  • Does God answer our prayer?
  • Prayer in action
  • Prayer in suffering
  • When God is absent.

The Lenten program is furthered enhanced with reflections from Diocese of Wollongong parishioners on their life of prayer and weekly Prayer Points offering practical advice.

A special CD is offered in conjunction with the program, featuring 17 tracks, including hymns both old and new in our Catholic tradition.


Key features of Lord, Teach us to Pray

Affordable enough to offer to your whole community

The team producing this program has donated much of their time to help keep this offering at a reasonable cost in the hope that it may find its way into every home of your community. Consider offering it for a gold coin donation for personal use.

Prayer theme relevant to all

Pastoral Councils, catechists, school staff and parents, young adults, RCIA teams, liturgical ministers - the material is enriching to a wide range of groups as we all seek to deepen our prayer life. Themes include: What is Prayer? How do we pray? Does God answer our prayer? Prayer in action? Prayer in suffering. When God is absent.

Prayer Points and reflections from parishioners

In addition to the weekly Lenten Gospel reflection, each session contains practical tips to strengthen our life of prayer. Also, parishioners from all walks of life share their own experience of prayer.

A great way to raise funds

Raising funds for community project? Why not offer the program at an increased cost and advise your community where the extra funds will go.

Adaptable for both group and individual use

The theme of journey makes this program adaptable to any community setting or individual circumstance.

A large-print version of the Lenten Program is available to download, plus now the full-print copy.
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icon Lent Program 2009 - A4 large-print edition (1.83 MB)
icon Lent Program 2009 - full version (3.54 MB)
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