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Lent Program 2010 - Do you love me?

order onlineOur 2010 Lenten Program focuses on our life of service. It is an "invitation to explore and deepen our life of service in Jesus Christ." This year the program features one of the amazing works of art of Fr Seiger Koder for each week, to assist our reflection upon that week's scriptures.

The weekly themes are:

  • What does it mean to serve?
  • A service which transforms
  • What we offer in service
  • When service is rejected
  • To serve justly
  • Do you love me?


Key features of Do you love me?

Affordable enough to offer to your whole community

The team producing this program has donated much of their time to help keep this offering at a reasonable cost in the hope that it may find its way into every home of your community. Consider offering it for a gold coin donation for personal use.

Service theme is relevant to all

Pastoral Councils, catechists, school staff and parents, young adults, RCIA teams, liturgical ministers - the material is enriching to a wide range of groups as we all seek to deepen our life of practical service. Themes include: What does it mean to serve? A service which transforms; What we offer in service; When service is rejected; To serve justly; and Do you love me?

A great way to raise funds

Raising funds for community project? Why not offer the program at an increased cost and advise your community where the extra funds will go.

Adaptable for both group and individual use

The theme of journey makes this program adaptable to any community setting or individual circumstance.

From Bishop Peter Ingham
Welcome to our 2010 program. Prayer, fasting and almsgiving always form part of our Lenten discipline. Almsgiving is a very old fashioned word used to describe the giving of money for the poor. More broadly, we could class it as any act of service we perform in our Christian life. Yet, what distinguishes Christian service from other forms of service? One of the strong themes present in our Scriptures is the understanding that we are called to be stewards of God’s gifts and graces. A steward is one who is responsible for another’s interests. As Christians, we recognise that the service we offer does not stem from our own largesse but flows from God’s goodness to us. We are the ones who have received much from God and are invited to return this love. Our Lenten program considers the implications of this Christian outlook for our life of service.
This year’s title, “Do You Love Me?” reminds us that our service is a response to Christ’s invitation. Furthermore, our service is not simply to help God be kind to people. “Do you love me?” is Jesus’ question of Peter after Jesus’ resurrection. Jesus asks Peter three times if he loves him. When Peter responds that he loves Jesus, Jesus invites him into service: “Feed my lambs”. The implication is that the service we render stems from our fellowship with Jesus Christ. Furthermore, the heart of our service must be to draw others into that same fellowship in Jesus Christ through the power of the Holy Spirit. I pray that this year’s Lenten program can give us time to consider the ways in which we are currently serving God in one another and how we may be able to deepen our service of the Lord. Have a blessed Lent!
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