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Lent Program 2011 - Rediscovering God

Our 2011 Lenten Program contemplates the presence of God in the reality of our lives and experiences.
44 B5 (240mm x 170mm) pages in full colour (see sample pages in Gallery below) printed on high quality 115gsm gloss paper with a 230gsm satin cover.

The six weekly themes are:

  • Contemplating Reality
  • Who do you say God is?
  • Who do you say You are?
  • Who do you say We are?
  • Who do you say They are?
  • Who do you say I am?
Lent11 Cover

Key features of Rediscovering God

Affordable enough to offer to your whole community

The team producing this program has donated much of their time to help keep this offering at a reasonable cost in the hope that it may find its way into every home of your community. Consider offering it for a gold coin donation for personal use.

Service theme is relevant to all

Pastoral Councils, catechists, school staff and parents, young adults, RCIA teams, liturgical ministers - the material is enriching to a wide range of groups as we all seek to deepen our life of prayer and the presence of God.

A great way to raise funds

Raising funds for community project? Why not offer the program at an increased cost and advise your community where the extra funds will go.

Adaptable for both group and individual use

The theme of this program is adaptable to any community setting or individual circumstance.

From Bishop Peter Ingham
At the heart of our Catholic Faith and spirituality is a reality that separates Christianity from the other two monotheistic World Religions (Judaism and Islam). It is the revelation that God became one of us! “The Word was made flesh and dwelt amongst us.” (Jn 1:14)
The mystery of the Incarnation is absolutely central to our faith. The Son of God took flesh from the womb of the Virgin Mary and became human as we are in all things but sin (cf Heb 4:15).
We can either take this for granted and overlook how awesome it really is, or we can get so caught up in how it is explained in theology that we can be at risk of not focusing on how much God really loves us because he sent his only begotten Son. Here is God communicating himself in and through the real world in which you and I live and work. If you want to know what God is like look at Jesus Christ, the Word of God made flesh.
The fundamental question is: how do you and I recognise God at work in us and around us in our increasingly busy world? It is one thing to sit quietly beside a lake and contemplate the presence of God in that tranquil beauty. It’s another to be sitting in rush hour traffic trying to discover God there, while wondering whether or not we’re going to get home in time to put the dinner on! And yet, our faith tradition testifies that there is no human experience in which God cannot be found, nor through which God is not seeking to communicate himself.
Learning how to discover God is a grace with which God gifts us.
This year’s Lenten program is about helping you and I to deepen our awareness that God is with us and to learn how God reveals himself in our daily living. As we live each day, painfully aware of what is bad and of our weaknesses while rejoicing in what is good, as well as in our strengths, we seek the grace to be able to rediscover God there and discern: what is God saying to me through this particular good fortune or misfortune that is happening to me?
I pray our Lenten Journey will be helped through this programme.

Promotional Material:
Large-print electronic and eBook / Amazon Kindle versions of the Lenten Program are also available.
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