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Fr Geoff Allan

Assistant Priest

Fr Angelo Buffolo CS

Chaplain to the Italian Community

Fr Ken Cafe OFM

Assistant Priest
Episcopal Vicar for Canonical Services

Fr Peter Caruana

Parish Priest

Fr Simon Ckuj

Chaplain to the Ukrainian Community

Fr George Condookala

Chaplain to Wollongong Hospital and Wollongong Private Hospital

Fr Sean Cullen

Parish Priest

Fr Mark De Battista

Chaplain to the University of Wollongong

Fr Leo Duck

Assistant Priest

Fr Michael Dyer

Assistant Priest

Fr Damien Ellis

Chaplain to the Australian Army

Fr Duane Fernandez

Assistant Priest
Vocations Director

Fr Anthony Ha

Chaplain to the Vietnamese Community

Fr Michael Healy

Parish Priest
Dean of Hume

Mgr Bryan Jones

Parish Priest
Vicar General

Fr Paul O'Donoghue

NSW Police Senior Chaplain

Fr John Pickering OFM

Chaplain to the Spanish Community (Santa Misa en Español)

Fr Chris Roberts

Parish Priest
Dean of Flinders and Chaplain to Cursillo

Fr John Stork

Supply Priest
Chaplain to the Latin Mass Community

Fr Ivo Tadic OFM

Chaplain to the Croatian Community

Fr Francis Tran

Parish Priest

Fr Stephen Varney

Chaplain to the Royal Australian Navy

Fr Patrick Vaughan

Parish Priest
Chaplain to Catholic Women's League

Fr Darko Znidarsic OFM

Chaplain to the Slovenian Community
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