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Journey 46 - Winter 2011

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The movie ”Love Actually” has a beautiful scene of loved ones greeting each other at an airport. We cannot hear the dialogue, but it is clear that these are people who have missed one another; their embraces, kisses and joyful faces communicate the strength of their shared affection. It is like watching a series of love stories though the characters and words may change.

God’s gift of Jesus Christ to our world, and Jesus’ life of surrendering himself to others, culminating in his suffering, death and resurrection has been described as the greatest love story ever told. It is the greatest love story because God’s perfect love is shared fully with each of us; a love which can save us, even from death. Amazingly, at each Eucharist, God opens a doorway to us into this most wonderful love story, and enables us to celebrate Jesus’ great gift of love, not simply as a memory, but fully participating in his life-giving sacrifice. By the power of God’s Spirit, we are caught up in this timeless love story, where God is giving God’s all to us and inviting us to give our all in return.

This year we are offered a New Translation of the Mass and this issue of Journey features aspects of the changes. For some of us, it can be like being at the airport, scratching our heads a little at the language; the different ways people greet each other. But we also remember that no matter how the Eucharist is expressed, at its heart is the Lover and the Beloved, God and each of us, participating in the greatest love story ever told. No wonder Eucharist means thanksgiving! Let us be grateful for the gift of the Mass and respond to Christ’s invitation: Do this in memory of me!

Journey46Articles include:
  • Ordination of Bishop Peter Comensoli
  • Beatification of John Paul II
  • CDF celebrates 50 years
  • In Schools
  • Welcoming the New Translation
  • Week of Prayer - Celebrating the Gift of Eucharist
  • New website for CCD
  • Record numbers for Youth Camp
  • Farewell to Leonie Green
  • The Pilgrim Pathway
  • Welcome Paul Mason and Vivien Williams
  • Events coming up in 2011
  • Madrid Encounter on 20 August
  • Lumen Christi Pastoral Region
  • Poor Clare Nuns - new Altar Bread initiative
  • Holy Cross Helensburgh celebrates 100 years
  • Shellharbour Parish - 150 years out of the past
  • Generous Hearts
  • And much more....
  • Tuesday, 27 March 2012
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