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A work of the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference or the Universal Church.

Australian Catholic Migrant and Refugee Office

The Australian Catholic Migrant and Refugee Office is dedicated to the acceptance and settlement of Refugees and Migrants into Australia, doing this especially by efforts to influence Government policies in this area. It also seeks to form Catholic Church policy in Australia for the Pastoral Care of Refugees and Migrants.

Caritas Australia (Wollongong)

  • Caritas Australia is the Catholic agency for overseas aid and development. It helps people to help themselves, regardless of race, political beliefs, gender or religion and belongs to an international network of 154 organisations in 198 countries and territories.
  • It works with the local people of a particular country in all of its programs. Caritas calls these local agencies 'Partners'.

Catholic Earthcare

Catholic Earthcare Australia is an ecological agency established by the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference. Its mission is to help promote understanding among people that creation is sacred and endangered, and must be protected and preserved for present and future generations yet unborn.

Catholic Enquiry Centre

  • CEC is the national faith promotion outreach of the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference, and operates under their general oversight.
    It is based in St Leonards, on Sydney's north shore. 

Catholic Mission (Wollongong)

Catholic Mission has two complimentary tasks - to inform the people of Australia about Mission in the world today and to raise money desperately needed for missionary work in materially poor countries.

Evangelise Australia

The National Office for Evangelisation is an agency of the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference that has been established to serve the Church in Australia in matters of evangelisation, including overseeing the activities of the Catholic Enquiry Centre, an office that for almost half a century has outreached to persons enquiring about the Catholic faith.

Natural Fertility Australia

Natural Fertility Australia (NFA) is a network of agencies dedicated to providing you with comprehensive and scientific information about the increasingly popular methods of fertility management.

Office for the Participation of Women

The Office for the Participation of Women (OPW) was established by the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference and is mandated to act as a focal point for ongoing dialogue and the integration of ideas pertaining to women and their participation in the Catholic Church in Australia.

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